10 Generic Business Value Enablers across the business model

In considering where to invest in business model and operational innovations there are typically 10 core business value enablers to consider:

  1. Shareholder Capital
  2. CapEx and/or OpEx Financing
  3. Human Capital
  4. Products - Intellectural Property, Core, and Differenting
  5. Services - Portfolio offerings
  6. Sales Model, Business Partners and Channels
  7. Business Process and Service Optimisation
  8. Industry Standards and Best Practices
  9. Tools and Accelerators
  10. Formal Methods

5Cs of an Industry Solution

Solution Portfolio Management (SPM) - 5Cs of an Industry Solution

  1. Customer - segment to be targeted
  2. Content - products, or service offerings
  3. Capability - necessary skills, capacity, and credentials to deliver an outcome
  4. Channel - motivated internal sales channel, and/or Partner Channel sales
  5. Competition - posture relative to key market competitors

Universal Business Value Drivers - in a nutshell

Irrespective of industry sector, or specific business domain area; it is possible to characterise common business value imperatives under the following broad set of headings:

  1. Business Model Innovation
  2. Business Agility
  3. Reduced Time to Market for new Products and Services
  4. Operational Effectiveness and Efficiency
  5. Cost Reduction
  6. Customer Service Optimisation
  7. Product and Service Innovation
  8. Partner integration and on/off-boarding
  9. New Customer Acquisition and On-boarding
  10. Know Your Customer (upsell, cross-sell, and Next Best Action marketing)
  11. Conversion of Customers to Net Promoters
  12. Business Process Standardisation and Optimisation
  13. Knowledge Worker Productivity
  14. Management of known/unknown Business Process variations
  15. Omni-channel access for customers, partners, employees
  16. Employee Engagement

In focusing effort, investement and resources on specific change programmes the above considerations must to a greater or lesser extent be managed simultaneously in order to optimise business outcomes.

Business Value Context

Improving understanding of the business problem/opportunity from multiple context perspectives

Context Accumulation: Converging on Business Value

Context Accumulation: Converging on Business Value

Converging on a business value context; in the era of Code Halos, with Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) for optimising the Omni-channel Customer Experience

To determine an appropriate transformational plan, we will work to identify the business value context across the business model and spanning multiple perspectives namely:

  1. Industry Sector
  2. Market
  3. Business Model
  4. Line of Business
  5. Process
  6. Organisational
  7. Application
  8. Information Technology
  9. Partner/Supplier Context
  10. Customer Situational Context

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