• In considering where to invest in business model and operational innovations there are typically 10 core business value enablers to consider:

    1. Shareholder Capital
    2. CapEx and/or OpEx Financing
    3. Human Capital
    4. Products - Intellectural Property, Core, and Differenting
    5. Services - Portfolio offerings
    6. Sales Model, Business Partners and Channels
    7. Business Process and Service Optimisation
    8. Industry Standards and Best Practices
    9. Tools and Accelerators
    10. Formal Methods
  • Improving understanding of the business problem/opportunity from multiple context perspectives

    Context Accumulation: Converging on Business Value

    Context Accumulation: Converging on Business Value

    Converging on a business value context; in the era of Code Halos, with Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) for optimising the Omni-channel Customer Experience

    To determine an appropriate transformational plan, we will work to identify the business value context across the business model and spanning multiple perspectives namely:

    1. Industry Sector
    2. Market
    3. Business Model
    4. Line of Business
    5. Process
    6. Organisational
    7. Application
    8. Information Technology
    9. Partner/Supplier Context
    10. Customer Situational Context