Dark Data. Bad vs. Good Big Data - sketchnote

Dark Data. Bad vs. Good Big Data - sketchnote
Dark Data. Bad vs. Good Big Data - sketchnote by Garry Gomersall
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Business Productivity Webcast hosted by the Register image
Business Productivity Webcast

Business Productivity Webcast - hosted by The Register - . We received some great feedback from attendees including the comment below...

Sample Feedback

“Splendid stuff, better than some of the consultants I’ve hired! And it was free!”

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Business Process Management (BPM)
Business Process Management (BPM) Mindmap

A mindmap overview of the full spectrum of BPM capabilities across multiple process topologies.

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BPM Beyond Automation

Check out our latest video Webcast: BPM beyond automation

The Register Webcast

On the couch with The Register's Tim Phillips is Garry Gomersall of IBM who thinks that many more of us can improve productivity in unexpected ways. He's joined by Freeform Dynamic's Dale Vile to show how BPM has an application beyond highly structured process automation.

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